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THE COSMIC LIBRARY: Episode 26 – “Cowabunga No More”

The tale of four ninja turtles has endured for nearly four decades! The Cosmic Library is reviewing the beginning of their latest IDW series!

The current Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic is the longest series in franchise history! But how did it begin? Moreover, how does their existence begin? We will break down the characters in this volume, as well as the influences of prior comics and TV shows to this new canon! Can this series break the generation barrier the same way Nickelodeon’s recent cartoons have?

Additionally, we go through the latest comic book news, including:

  • What new exclusives are there for San Diego Comic-Con@Home?
  • Additionally, Marvel’s first panels for Comic-Con@Home are detailed!
  • Who does Tom King think lost the right to call themselves “super?”
  • Another major convention is going virtual!
  • There is a new digital-first Harley Quinn series!
  • Thanos killed a Hulk!
  • What is Heavy Metal’s new story, Dark Wing?
  • Valiant Comics is reviewing work of aspiring creators!
  • Hawkeye is back in his original costume! Why?
  • Major movie villains are part of Marvel Comics!
  • Comic Retailers say Diamond Distributions shipping rates have gone up. However… have they?
  • Who is the Punisher jealous of?
  • And more!

In the meantime, here is our review of IDW Comics’ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Volume 1! This series has run for nearly a decade, but does it grab our attention? Who is Old Hob? What is April O’Neil’s role in this version? How are four turtles mutated into hybrids? Does the Shredder or Krang play any role in this origin story?

Listen and find out!

The Cosmic Library: Episode 26 – “Cowabunga No More”

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We will be back next week with another storyline review and more of the latest comic book news! No rumors, no fan theories! Just the latest facts for your entertainment!

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