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Fanhome to Unveil E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Build-Up Model at 2023 New York Comic Con

Officially licensed lifelike replica of the beloved Extra-Terrestrial from the classic 1982 film to be shown for the first time at New York’s biggest pop culture event

New York, NY – Fanhome, the leader in subscription-based collections and models, brings something special and unique to the 2023 New York Comic Con as it announces a special display of the E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial build-up model, inspired by the beloved character from the 1982 film from Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment. 

The Fanhome E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial model will be displayed in Booth #4108

Pre-orders are open now and will begin shipping later this year. 

The 2023 New York Comic Con takes place October 12-15 at the Jacob Javitz Convention Center. 

Full details on the convention, which is the largest pop culture fan gathering in North America, are available at: 

This officially licensed Fanhome E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial is the ultimate tribute to the beloved character featured in the award-winning 1982 film from Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment. The iconic film is about the friendship of a boy and a visitor from outer space, and generations of audiences continue to adore the fragile extra-terrestrial lost on our planet. 

Standing over 2 feet tall (25 inches) and depicted with lifelike realism, Fanhome’s E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial was designed with the guidance of the family of Carlo Rambaldi, the talented Italian designer who brought the original character to life for the film. Composed of meticulously detailed metal and ABS plastic parts, construction is easy with step-by-step instructions that feature simple-to-follow diagrams that guide assembly and all tools are provided to enjoy and complete assembly. 

The completed figure features articulated arms and an extendable head, just like in the movie. LED capabilities include a light-up index finger and “heart light” that add to E.T.’s realistic appearance along with moveable eyes and facial expressions. The friendly face and big eyes are among the main attractions of E.T., and this replica retains the tender look that has delighted generations of fans. Audio features also recreate several of E.T.’s memorable quotes from the film, adding to the stunning realism of this replica. These functions may be activated using touchless sensors embedded in the model as well as with a remote control. The sensors are a technological advancement for Fanhome models and enhance the sensory experience when the model is completed. 

Throughout the build, builders will get to know how this iconic character was conceived and learn many behind-the-scenes facts and little-known details about the film with a special full-color monthly magazine that accompanies each month’s shipment of components. Meet Carlo Rambaldi, the talented Italian designer who brought E.T. to life. Discover his inspirations and how his pet cat played a pivotal role in the character’s emotive and memorable appearance. Also learn more about the visionary director, Steven Spielberg, one of cinema’s greatest ever directors and how he conceived the film, and the last impression this beloved movie has left with generations of fans. Insightful commentary is accented with an array of little-seen production designs and photographs that help to chart the evolution of the movie. 

Subscribers to Fanhome’s E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial build will also receive exclusive gifts at various stages of their subscription, including a trio of large (12×16 inches) full-color posters, a ceramic mug, and commemorative metal movie plaque, all emblazoned with official logos for E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. Subscribers using PayPal will also receive a special bonus gift – a 6.5-inch, hand-painted miniature of E.T. 

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Journey back to the magic and adventure of E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, the beloved masterpiece from Academy Award®-winning director Steven Spielberg. Henry Thomas, Drew Barrymore, and Robert MacNaughton star in the unforgettable story of a lost alien and the 10-year-old boy who helps him find his way home. This astounding story is sure to thrill viewers of all ages again with its timeless message of trust, courage, and the overwhelming power of friendship. Available to own on 4K UHD, Blu-ray™, DVD, and Digital.

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