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Mario Van Peebles “Outlaw Posse” Film to Headline Closing Night At The 2024 Pan African Film Festival

Whoopi Goldberg, Cedric The Entertainer, DC Young Fly, Mandela Van Peebles, Edward James Olmos, John Carroll Lynch and Neil McDonough Round Out The Ensemble Cast for “Outlaw Posse”

LOS ANGELES, FEBRUARY 5TH, 2024 – The highly anticipated film “Outlaw Posse,” directed by and starring the acclaimed Mario Van Peebles, is set to take audiences on a wild ride through the West as the closing night feature at the 2024 Pan African Film Festival. Taking place in Los Angeles on February 18th at the Cinemark Baldwin Hills and XD Theater, Mario and cast, rounded out by renowned actors Whoopi Goldberg, Cedric The Entertainer, DC Young Fly, Mandela Van Peebles, Edward James Olmos, John Carroll Lynch and Neil McDonough, have delivered a gripping cinematic experience.

Set in 1908, Chief (Mario Van Peebles) returns from years of hiding in Mexico to claim stolen gold hidden in the hills of Montana. In his quest, he reunites an ensemble of fresh and familiar faces – together they fight off Angel (William Mapother), whose rationale to the gold leaves a trail of deception and dead bodies. “Outlaw Posse” showcases Van Peebles’ unparalleled storytelling prowess and promises an unforgettable conclusion to this year’s festival.

The Pan African Film & Arts Festival (PAFF) continues to be the premiere International Black Film Festival to “Inspire” indie filmmakers and showcase Black cinema from around the world. For 12 days PAFF will take over the Crenshaw District and make it the center of Black Entertainment in Los Angeles by bringing some of Hollywood’s top Black actors, producers, directors, and influencers to the historic Cinemark Baldwin Hills and XD Theater.

PAFF continues to offer an environment where stories rooted in African and African-American experiences are not only embraced but celebrated,” said PAFF co-founder Ayuko Babu. “This cultural relevance ensures that films resonate with their intended audience while reaching new and diverse viewers.” He continued, “Filmmakers recognize that premiering their work at festivals like PAFF allows for meaningful interactions with engaged and passionate audiences who appreciate the power of storytelling. These interactions provide valuable feedback and foster connections between creators and their supporters.”

Festival attendees can anticipate an exclusive star-studded screening followed by an engaging Q&A session with Mario Van Peebles. “We can make Edutainment, we can make films that show OUR – story not just HIS – story, but equally important, are film festivals run by conscious people that reflect us and give our movies a platform. The Pan African film Festival is OUR festival. It’s run by our folks!” Mario continues, “I am truly honored and excited to premiere ‘Outlaw Posse’ as the closing night film. This festival holds a special place in my heart for its commitment to diverse storytelling, and I believe ‘Outlaw Posse’ aligns perfectly with the spirit of this celebration.

Join us on February 18th in Los Angeles for an unforgettable evening celebrating the magic of cinema and the rich storytelling legacy of Mario Van Peebles.

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