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RECAP: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Episodes 6-10

You could say life has gotten a little bit more hectic during episodes 6-10 of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Episode five ended with us finding out that Sabrina’s dad was a bit of an insomniac who trapped a sleep demon in a weird puzzle contraption thing. Just when it may seem like Sabrina has stopped Ms. Wardwell in her tracks; we discover that Madam Satan has another trick up her sleeve. She tells Sabrina that she was a student of her father’s, and that she promised him that if and when he died that she would look after his daughter. Which, with good reason, Sabrina finds hard to believe after all that has happened.

Sabrina & Ms. Wardwell (Madam Satan) – Photo: Netflix

Ever since their sleepover, Harvey, Roz, and Susie are visited by Uncle Jesse (Susie’s uncle) as a demon. He screams out their fears, targets their insecurities, but Sabrina refuses to believe that they are telling the truth.

Discovering a Demon

Sabrina gets home and it finally starts to sink in that her friends may be telling the truth. She stresses to her aunts that she believes Uncle Jesse has been possessed, but Zelda disagrees and tells her that demonic possession is highly unlikely.

Sabrina astral projects (a sort of consciousness that’s separate from the physical body and is able to travel outside the body throughout the universe) with the help of Ambrose to interrogate the demon.

However, this demon is so advanced and powerful that it manages to crawl it’s way inside Sabrina’s throat, almost killing her had Salem not alerted Ambrose for help. She suddenly wakes up, terrified but satisfied that she was right and found the proof that she needed. Sabrina then apologizes to Harvey for dismissing his suspicions earlier that day and they walk down to the mines to learn more about the demons origins.

While down in the mines, they stumble upon a special stone that can be used to keep the demon at a safe distance. They also discover Ms. Wardwell who won’t stop following them. She says that they are in grave danger down in the mines. As Sabrina and Harvey leave, the Dark Lord can be seen lurking in the background.

Sabrina & Harvey – Photo: Netflix

An Apophis Devouring Worm

Susie’s father thinks it’s time to send Uncle Jesse to an institution. He starts to blame his brother’s problems on things that happened to him when they were young, in particular that he once tried to wear a dress. Susie (who dresses androgynously) is deeply offended by this; which means everything is going to the demon’s plan.

Not to worry, Sabrina always has something up her adorable sleeves. In class that day, she asks about witch exorcisms, a ritual they are forbidden from performing. While Zelda disapproves of the exorcism, Hilda and Ms. Wardwell are willing to give it a try. 

They set out for Susie’s house and after beginning, the gang realizes the demon is much stronger than they thought. As Sabrina calls for help, Uncle Jesse taunts her about her parents. Finally stepping in, the demon is finally defeated by Zelda. It turned out that an Apophis devouring worm was eating away at Uncle Jesse’s soul. 

There has to be some kind of bad news after a happy ending, right? Not in Greendale. The mortuary receives a call that Uncle Jesse died in his sleep. However, it was actually Ms. Wardwell who killed him, but she doesn’t admit it when Sabrina comes to her for support at the end of the episode. Sabrina then admits that she’s trying to out smart the Dark Lord.

Thanksgiving in Greendale

Ah, the holiday we all love the most due to the copious amounts of treats and food babies: Thanksgiving. But this is no normal holiday, that’s for sure. Instead of the normal festivities, the Church of Night will participate in what is called the Feast of Feasts. A Hunger Games inspired event where one witch is picked from 14 to sacrifice themselves in honor of a witch from many decades ago, who did the same thing to keep the church alive.

Of course, Sabrina’s family has been nominated to pick a sacrificee, and while she insists it’s completely out of character, Zelda volunteers as tribute (sorry, I HAD to).

Sabrina & The Weird Sisters – Photo: Netflix

The Sacrifice

Back at the Academy, Prudence is acting even more self-absorbed than usual due to her nomination as one of the Feast tributes.

Nick told Sabrina that her father terminated the event because he believed it was cruel, but Father Blackwood brought it back. She then comes up with the idea that she should interrupt the ceremony and give herself up in Zelda’s place. Zelda steps down, but Prudence is chosen to be the sacrifice.

Now that Prudence has become the main attraction, this means that everyone must be at her feet and tending to her every need like servants. Specifically Sabrina. What else would we expect?

We later find out that Lady Blackwood had cast a spell so Prudence would be picked, because she knows Prudence is actually the daughter of Father Blackwood — PLOT TWIST. She wants Prudence out of the way so her children could live as normal of lives as possible. This is shocking and polarizing news to almost everyone at the table.

The Weird Sisters – photo: Netflix

Sabrina promises their huge secret will stay at the table as long as Father Blackwood cancels the Feast of Feast sacrifice. He complies and begins to do just that, but another witch, driven crazy with jealousy, kills herself in Prudence’s place. The next day, Agatha and Dorcas perform a spell to kill Harvey and his brother in the mines due to the Kinkle family history of witch hunting (this is kind of giving me Teen Wolf vibes).

Trouble in the Mines

Aunt Zelda receives an urgent call about a terrible accident down at the mines. Sabrina rushes down there and finds out that Harvey is safe, but that his brother, Tommy still hasn’t made it out. Susie being the only one small enough to climb through all of the debris ventures to find Tommy; returning with his hat soaked in blood.

Harvey’s father then calls off the search and Tommy is presumed dead. Harvey starts to blame his father for Tommy’s death causing a wedge in their relationship.

Rushing to help her beloved Harvey, Sabrina decides to ask Miss Wardwell how resurrection works; she says it’s extremely dangerous and that Sabrina shouldn’t go anywhere near it. She then lets it slip that she keeps an incantation in the Book of the Dead in her office. BUT – to even the score: if Sabrina wants to bring Tommy back, she has to kill someone in his place.

Deciding she will sacrifice Agatha to bring back Tommy, Sabrina heads to the woods and carries out the three steps of the spell, ending with slitting Agatha’s throat.

The Resurrection

The resurrection was successful: Tommy is alive, but things don’t seem quite right. Sabrina is not allowed to see him, as he hasn’t been eating or speaking. Over at the Academy we find out that Agatha is coughing up dirt. Something isn’t adding up.

Everything then comes to a tipping point when Agatha faints in front of Father Blackwood and Zelda. She insists that she has to kill Tommy. Within the same time frame, Susie finds out that the Spellmans are witches.

Sabrina tries one more time to get help with retrieving Tommy’s soul; since she got everyone in this mess in the first place, she isn’t necessarily on everyone’s good side. Instead, she approaches Miss Wardwell.

Sabrina ventures into limbo and ends up seeing her mother’s distressed soul. Tommy is found before they’re attacked. Unfortunately, the Soul-Eater captures Tommy on their way out.

Roz and Susie both confess to thinking Sabrina is a witch and start to think she may be dangerous. Sabrina tells Harvey everything and he tells Sabrina that they won’t be able to talk for a long time, while hinting to the end of their relationship.

A gunshot is heard in distance: Harvey has killed Tommy.

The Final(ish) Chapter

Our last episode of season 1 opens with a heartbroken Sabrina in bed, unable to find the energy and motivation to get up and go to school. Zelda convinces her that it’s the right thing to do, so she agrees. Sabrina then tells Susie and Roz everything. Miss Wardwell hoped that Sabrina’s secrets would scare away her friends, but they feel the exact opposite, unconditionally supporting her.

A mortal is sacrificed by Miss Wardwell to summon the Greendale Thirteen: the witches who were hung during the previous Witch Hunts. As the episode progresses, we find out that they’re summoning the Red Angel Of Death.

Sabrina approaches Harvey in the library; he tells her that he told his father Tommy shot himself and that so much about their relationship makes sense now that he knows the truth. He also tells her he can never look at her the same way again. The Red Angel of Death starts to wreak havoc and Zelda suggests that should stay and protect the mortals by bringing them all in the same place.

Baxter High, known as a shelter for bad weather, so the family summons a tornado towards it to guide all of the mortals there for warmth and somewhere to stay. Harvey tells Sabrina that he doesn’t trust any witches and refuses to let them protect him.

Completing The Coven

In order to obtain the power to take down the witches, Sabrina must sign her name and accept the Path of Night. After a series of flashbacks, she decides it’s the right thing to do. She’s is now an official member of the coven – she summons the witches and lights all of them all on fire with her powers, causing the Angel of Death to disappear.

Unfortunately, Sabrina couldn’t save everyone and Lady Blackwood died in childbirth. Zelda informs Father Blackwood that one of the twins absorbed the other, leaving him with the most powerful male heir – but she’s lying. Zelda took Blackwood’s second baby – a girl, because she was worried he wouldn’t want her because of her gender. She wants the two of them to raise the girl together like they did with Sabrina, but Hilda has an announcement: she’s moving out.

Before the night is over, Sabrina makes one final stop at Harvey’s place. She pours her heart out to him with a heartfelt apology for all of the damage she has caused to him and his family. Harvey suggests a fresh start with no secrets. Sabrina kisses him goodbye and leaves.

Photo: Netflix

Left with freshly dyed platinum blonde hair, a wink and that’s all until our Christmas special: A Midwinter’s Tale. This has been quite the wild ride and I’m so excited to see what happens next. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has a way of gripping you and pulling you in so hard that you want to binge watch it in less than 24 hours.

I am now president of the Kiernan Shipka fanclub. She will receive my unconditional love and support as long as she lives.

What are YOU most excited for in season 2?

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