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The GlobalComix App Has Officially Launched

A lead contender in the comics subscription service, GlobalComix App drops just in time for New York Comic Con

OCT. 10, 2023 (PITTSBURGH, PA) — GlobalComix™, the leading digital comics platform, has launched its flagship app, now available on iOS and Android phones and tablets.  

GlobalComix is designed for publishers and creators to digitally distribute their comics much faster than traditional methods, while allowing readers to discover exciting new content as part of their affordable monthly cost. The app will bring more comics to even more readers worldwide. With this, the team is paving the way for a vibrant and thriving ecosystem in which comics creators and publishers can make a sustainable living, doing exactly what they love. 

Founded by Christopher CarterAlessio DeianaEric Tapper and Robert Hoffer, the groundbreaking subscription service not only brings digital comics on demand to readers, but also has become the top digital hub for leading comic book publishers such as Image Comics, BOOM! Studios, Valiant Entertainment, Top Cow, Humanoids, Mad Cave Studios, and more; which includes PDF downloads as well as exclusive content partnerships to highlight new titles and content packages. 

September 2022 to present has shown 180% growth in pages read and 273% growth in pages published, and user accounts growth 415% on the GlobalComix platform.

In July 2023, the company received a $6.5m Series A fundraising round led by Point72 Ventures, with participation from Endeavor, among others, to further expansion internally in preparation for launch. Beta testing throughout the direct market was also conducted to further fine-tune quality and offerings in preparation for the launch of the GlobalComix app.
GlobalComix App Features
 Over 45,000 releases of comics, manga, and webcomics across all genres, and growingSimple search engine that helps readers find old and new favorite titles by filtering across genres, themes, art styles, formats, audiences, and moreWhether on tablet or phone, there’s powerful and customizable reading experience offered in vertical scroll, single or double page layoutsReaders can also easily comment, follow, and add comics to their list to be picked up later; or option opt-in and receive notification when there’s a new release GlobalComix is a creator-friendly platform where creators and publishers can publish for free — and the majority (65-70%) of their subscription fee is distributed among owners of the content read 
“When I set out to create GlobalComix, it came from a place of creating something I lost along the way, my comics collection,” said Christopher CarterFounder and CEO of GlobalComix“As I delved deeper into creating the platform, I unearthed so much more than I could have ever imagined—an entire community of folks who are even more passionate about creating comics than just collecting the books alone. This was so inspiring it pushed me to make something even bigger, to make all creators and catalogs more accessible, visible, and the result is the GlobalComix app. My team and I are proud and excited to share this with everyone, and see where it can help make this industry and its amazing connections even stronger.”  “It began with a straightforward vision: to empower storytellers and share their comics with a global audience in an instant,” said Eric Tapper, Co-founder and Head of Business Development at GlobalComix. “This humble website has blossomed into a vibrant publishing community, and our app now serves as the proper vessel for GlobalComix’s true magic – the stories themselves. I’m immensely proud of how we showcase the remarkable work of the community that shaped us and the exciting surprises we have in store for the future.”  “Our goal wasn’t to merely create and unveil a new product, it was to bring an experience that goes beyond current standards,” said Scotty SzulGlobalComix VP of Product & UX.“We take great pride in the meticulous process and craft that went into the creation of our flagship app which is accessible on both iOS and Android. From our initial sketches, to the newest release, our steady commitment centers on nurturing an ecosystem where creators flourish, imbuing readers with access to an expansive, affordable, and richly diverse comic library.”
Additionally, GlobalComix has made its mark as a nucleus for the comics community in both the self-promotion and crowdfunding sphere. The continued support from creators and followers ensures the sustainability and quality of GlobalComix, its partners, and the overall stance in the direct market.

Get started by downloading the GlobalComix app from The App Store or Google Play

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