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THE NEW STUFF PODCAST: Episode 2 – “Half Something, Half Whatever”

I didn’t even think it was at all possible that a group of people dressed up as teddy bears and the like could spawn a massive pop-culture movement such as furries, but then I remembered there was a television show with a man from another planet who had pointed ears. These days, people dress like that man. People get plastic surgery so their faces (and ears) will look like that man … permanently! Remember the “living Barbie doll?” The lady who had plastic surgery to make her look like a Barbie doll? Yes, it happened. And furries happened!

Yet we were completely off-the-mark about furries. My daughter takes the time to correct our collective thought process with this impassioned plea for furry acceptance.

David Lawler and his 13-year-old daughter, Regan, discuss the pop culture and, more specifically, what the kids are doing. Whatever you think you know about kids and the younger set, you’re probably wrong, and this podcast will help you.

The New Stuff Episode 2 “Half Something, Half Whatever”

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