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Second Union

THE NEW STUFF PODCAST: Episode 6 – “Cooler Daniel and the Broken Hip-Hop Machine”

Oh, what have you done to me, world? It seems every election year you create a deadly virus and I don’t get so much as a pock-mark or a boil! You use the Media to scare the heck out of everybody and then you’re forgotten in a month. You shut down James Bond movies and force Billie Eilish on us. That’s right. You heard me. The coronavirus is responsible for Billie Eilish. After that, we talk about the evils of plastic bags and how saving the planet involves chopping down all the trees to make paper bags. Also, what the heck is “Cooler Daniel?”

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David Lawler and his 13-year-old daughter, Regan, discuss the pop culture and, more specifically, what the kids are doing. Whatever you think you know about kids and the younger set, you’re probably wrong, and this podcast will help you.

The New Stuff Episode 6 “Cooler Daniel and the Broken Hip-Hop Machine”

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