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THE COSMIC LIBRARY: Episode 30 – “Curiosity About Catwoman”

When Selena Kyle moves to a new town, the Cosmic Library has to find out what her plan is!

After the Invisible Woman mini-series, the Cosmic Library moves to one of DC Comics’ femme Fatales, Catwoman! Selena is post-engagement to Bruce Wayne! How does she handle their split? Why does a Southern California town have a number of Catwomen running around? What is the story with the Governor’s weird wife?

Additionally, we will go through the latest comic book news, including:

  • What big shift is happening to Wiccan and Hulkling?
  • What is the story behind the DC Comics layoffs?
  • New York Comic-Con has canceled it’s physical convention!
  • Additionally, TFCon has announced its next convention!
  • The Black Widow is… retired?!
  • Who are the different characters in DC’s The Three Jokers?
  • What is the story in Tom Taylor’s Seven Secrets?
  • People thought the Black Cat series was canceled! Is it?
  • Which Wildstorm original is getting reprinted by DC Comics?
  • What is the story of IDW’s publisher?
  • And more!

In the meantime, here is our review of DC Comics’ Catwoman: Copycats! His this Joelle Jones run inspired us as much as Supergirl: Being Super? Who is running the underworld in Catwoman’s new city? Is Selena re-establishing her criminal career? Can you actually live above a pawn shop?

Listen and find out!

The Cosmic Library: Episode 30 – “Curiosity About Catwoman”

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We will be back next week with another storyline review and more of the latest comic book news! No rumors, no fan theories! Just the latest facts for your entertainment!

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