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Panels at Great American Comic Con 2019!

Al Milgrom & Carl Potts

We have a series of Panels from Great American Comic Con 2019!

Before we start our new comic book reviews podcast, here is a series of panels from a terrific convention in Las Vegas, Nevada!

First up is the creator of Venom at Marvel Comics, Mr. David Michelinie! While listening to his story, we heard his original concept of Venom! The character was very different before Marvel’s editorial staff requested some changes!

Great American Comic Con 2019 – David Michelinie Panel

David Michelinie

Next up is a panel with Mr. Kevin Van Hook! Mr. Van Hook has worked on comic books and movies as a visual effects supervisor. He is also the creator of Valiant’s Bloodshot and was consulted on the upcoming film! Listen here!

Great American Comic Con 2019 – Kevin Van Hook Panel

Did you know that Sony’s Venom borrowed a lot of material from the Venom: Lethal Protector mini-series? Well, we have most of the men who created it! Check out this panel with a lot of behind the scenes stories about a cornerstone of Marvel history!

Great American Comic Con 2019 – Lethal Protectors Panel

“The” Mark Bagley, Sam de la Rosa, Al Milgrom & David Michelinie

In the 1980s, Marvel became a very prominent company. New series featuring Power Pack, Moon Knight, and the Punisher hit the forefront! Here is Carl Potts and Al Milgrom, two long-time Marvel editors. They talking about what it was like to help usher so many landmark stories!

Great American Comic Con 2019 – 80’s Marvel Panel

When you mention comic books, one of the most iconic heroes has to be Spider-Man. His impact on fans has been unimaginable. Luckily, we have stories by some of the creators who know him best. David Michelinie, Mark Bagley, and Alex Sauvik. Listen while we talk about what Spider-Man means to all of us, as well as some of our favorite moments in the web head’s history!

Great American Comic Con 2019 – Spider-Man Spotlight Panel

Alex Sauvik, Mark Bagley & David Michelinie

Finally, we have some creators from a long-time indie publisher, First Comics! Wait until you listen to this one! It turned into a long-fun conversation about all things comics as both creators and fans!

Great American Comic Con 2019 – First Comics Panel

We look forward to bringing you more interviews, comic book news, and story reviews from the Cosmic Library Podcast!

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